What is TOP Network?
TOP Network is a decentralized open communication network that provides cloud communication services on the blockchain. TOP offers secure, low-cost services such as messaging, calling, video, VPN, CDN, IoT data sharing and more.
TOP Network is also a high-performance public blockchain platform designed to handle real-world business of any size or volume. Powered by innovations including three-layer network, two-layer sharding, two-layer lattice DAG and PBFT-DPoS*, TOP can process several hundred thousand transactions per second on the blockchain.
Full-Stack Decentralized Cloud Communication Services
  • VPN
  • VoIP
  • Video
  • IoT Data Sharing
  • Storage
  • Message
  • CDN
  • Live Streaming
A high performance blockchain platform for real-world business
Multi-Chain Platform Pluggable service chains to meet the complexity of real-world business. Financial settlement is separated from business logic.
High Performance Blockchain Book and settle high volume of transactions in real-world business on blockchain.
Three Layers of Distributed Ledgers Seamless combination of main chain, service chains and off-chain ledger to store, process, book and settle any volume and any size of real-world business.
Core Features
  • Two-Layer Lattice
  • Two-Layer Sharding
  • Two-Layer VM
  • High-Speed Parallel
  • Instant Transactions Zero Fees
  • Built-In Security Privacy Protection
Launch A Testnet of TOP Network Chain
Q3, 2018
Single Shard 1,000 TPS
Single Shard Goal 2,000 TPS
3 Zones, 10 Shards 9,000 TPS
5 Zones,100 Shards 50,000 TPS
Official Launch of TOP Network Chain
Q2, 2019
Private Testnet Now 8864 TPS