We have accomplished so much in the past months thanks to the efforts of our community members. We have successfully launched our Testnet, built our advisory board, debuted on Huobi Prime as the first project, expanded our community from zero to tens of thousands, and now we are paving the way for the Mainnet launch scheduled for late June.

We have received hundreds of applications since we first launched our Global Ambassador Program last year, and we are honored to have four terrific global ambassadors helping us spread the voice of TOP in their local communities. As we continue to stride towards the decentralized future embracing a high-performance public blockchain platform to carry real-world business, we want YOU to become part of our great journey.

Learn more about our global ambassadors below, and submit your application to join the top-notch ambassador team today!

Meet TOP Global Ambassadors

Apply to be a TOP Global Ambassador

How can you benefit from being a TOP ambassador?

1. Early access to project updates, source code and technical documents.

2. Networking opportunities with TOP Network team, partners, investors and other ambassadors.

3. Gain influence as your name will show up on our website and in our communities.

4. Token rewards based on your contribution.

What makes you an ideal TOP Network ambassador?

1. A good understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

2. Enthusiasm about TOP Network – you will introduce this promising project to your community.

3. Influence in online communities or your local crypto circles.

4. Excellent communication skills – you will communicate with community members on behalf of TOP Network.

What you need to do as an ambassador?

Help expand our community globally while increasing your influence within and beyond our community.

Spread the name of TOP Network and help others learn more about TOP Network!

Represent TOP Network at offline events/meetups. You’re the local voice of TOP Network.