Announcing the TOP Network Global Ambassador Program!


Looking back on the past few months, we are glad to find that we have accomplished so much in our community. We have successfully launched our Testnet, built our advisory board and paved the way for the Mainnet coming early next year. We continue to grow in the journey towards becoming the high-performance public blockchain platform to carry real-world business of any type, size or volume.

Our community has been incredibly supportive as we keep making breakthroughs with our project. Our Testnet handled over 800 million transactions, and our Testnet node recruitment received over 200 applications from over 30 countries. We are truly touched by the enthusiasm and vision of our core community with members from around the world.

We’re ready and excited to take our community to the next level. We want you to become part of our great journey. We want you to hear our voice, make it yours, and spread it to more people. Join us now to be TOP Network ambassadors. Together we’ll realize the dream of true decentralization.

How can you benefit from being a TOP ambassador?

1. Early access to project updates, source code and technical documents.

2. Networking opportunities with TOP Network team, partners, investors and other ambassadors.

3. Gain influence as your name will show up on our website and in our communities.

4. Token rewards based on your contribution.

What makes you an ideal TOP Network ambassador?

1. A good understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

2. Enthusiasm about TOP Network — you will introduce this promising project to your community.

3. Influence in online communities or your local crypto cliques.

4. Excellent communication skills: You will communicate with community members on behalf of TOP Network.

What do you need to do as an ambassador?


Help expand our community globally while increasing your influence within and beyond our community.


Spread the name of TOP Network and help others learn more about TOP Network!


Represent TOP Network at offline events/meetups. You’re the local voice of TOP Network.

Why should you choose TOP Network?

TOP Network is one of the most exciting and promising blockchain projects in recent years. Since TOP Network was founded in late 2017, we have been working hard in our quest and reached important milestones. Our whitepaper was released and we launched our Testnet recently, with its highest TPS hitting 8,664.

Our CEO Steve Wei is a successful serial entrepreneur and the 4 members of our founding team have strong technical background. Our team consists of over 100 talented people and 80% are veteran developers. And when the technology is ready, we can bring our existing 50 million users to blockchain.

We are also backed by leading blockchain projects and ample investment. We have received $ 8 million seed round investment in early September from prestigious investment firms such as Fenbushi, DHVC, NGC and Ontology, and we are continuing to raise funds despite the bearish market. We have Ontology and NEO as our strategic partners. Our advisory board includes Eric Yuan, CEO of ZOOM; Mark Greene, former CEO of FICO; and partners of multiple blockchain investment organizations.

The last few months have been fruitful and full of surprises for TOP Network. We’re happy to witness our community grow and see many like-minded people gather around towards a decentralized future.

Join us now to be TOP Network ambassadors! Together we’ll realize the dream of true decentralization. Please fill in this form if you are interested:

We looking forward to hearing from you!

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