TOP Network Biweekly Report: December 2-15

Technical Development

· Completed dynamic consensus, group consistency, and usability certification within shards. Found the loopholes in the code level implementation and fixed them.

· Completed the optimization of Multi-Layer, Multiple subnet, hierarchy broadcasting and released (RELEASE).

· Completed decentralized authentication of p2p communication between nodes, authorization of V2 and coding. V2 can resist stronger external DDOS attacks.

· Focused on how to enhance resistance against DDOS attacks from malicious nodes inside a shard, especially when malicious nodes attack other nodes within the shard through a large number of broadcast packets by modifying code. The preliminary design has been formed. Event Highlights

Event Highlights

· On December 13, TOP’s CMO Noah Wang was invited to participate in “The OnePiece Connect: 2020 Blockchain Forum” to discuss the global trends of the blockchain industry and the outlook for the 2020 blockchain industry. Noah Wang shared with the participants the unique three-layer architecture of TOP Chain, and the technical advantages of full-state sharding. The “OnePiece Connect Blockchain Forum” gathered the world’s top industry experts and attracted more than one hundred industry elites to partake. During the event, TOP chain was recognized and lauded by the guests as the world’s first full-state sharded public chain. In particular, the participants were impressed by the tens of millions of users to be ported onto TOP Chain in the near future, and excited about what that would mean for the blockchain space.

· On December 17, TOP CMO Noah attended the Yale CEO Summit co-sponsored by Yale University, Deloitte, IBM, Samsung, and other industry giants. The CEO Summit was held in New York, with the theme ”2020 Perspectives from the Pioneers of CEO Leadership.” CEOs and executives of well-known companies presented and explored the economies, politics, and culture of 2019 vs 1989.


TOP CTO Taylor held an AMA and introduced the TOP Mainnet along with an updated roadmap in the TOP Network Telegram group at 11pm on December 16th (PST). We will release an article detailing the AMA soon.

Last week, TOP prepared a gamer campaign for new members of the TOP Network Group and TOP Network News with the Total Prize Pool of 100,000 TOP to welcome new members to join us! On December 16, we organized a lottery draw to choose the winners and rewards were distributed by points in bounty bot. Don’t hesitate to be a part of us(Telegram: Stay tuned for our next bounty event!

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