TOP Network Kicks Off September World Tour at NGC Boston Meetup

TOP Network attended a private educational meetup hosted by NEO Global Capital (NGC) in Boston on Sept. 15 as one of the industry leaders in the crypto field.

TOP’s CEO Steve Wei introduced the project to venture capitals and blockchain enthusiasts, and highlighted the core mission of TOP — to build a decentralized open communication network to better connect the world.

“Right now a WeChat user cannot send messages to a WhatsApp user under the private protocol. On TOP Chain, all the communication apps can connect to each other thanks to the Standard Communication Protocol, ” Steve said, addressing current pain points in the centralized communications industry.

NGC, one of the largest institutional owners of cryptocurrency, is among the early investors of TOP Network. The event was set to discuss future of security tokens and exchanges as well as investment strategies in China and the U.S.

According to an analysis by The Wall Street Journal, Asian investors contributed to 40 percent of the $154 billion in global venture financing in 2017, just slightly behind the U.S. counterparts that accounted for 44 percent. The gap was narrowed in 2017 compared to previous years, mostly because Asian investors have an advantage accessing the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Asian funds were able to take quick actions to get involved in early-stage crypto projects, which were overlooked by the U.S. funds.

As startups bloom and seek for investment in this evolving industry, venture capitals step up to handpick promising projects. The characteristics for an investible blockchain-based project include asset-management capability and a solid technical background, according to the panel discussion by venture capitals at the meetup including Pantera Capital, Arrington XRP Capital and 8 Decimal Capital.

Backed up by a strong technical team of more than 100 developers and a management team with successful entrepreneurship experience, TOP demonstrated its outstanding qualities for investors as it closed a $6 million Series A round within a month after coming out of stealth mode.

This is the debut of TOP Network’s world tour in September. TOP Network will be present at Singapore Blockchain Week from Sept. 17 to Sept. 20. We look forward to meeting TOP community members around the world!

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