TOP Mining Platform
Leading the Diversified Mining Era
Annualized Yield
HiWallet DeFi Mining
Mining ROI
TOP Staking
Exclusive Discount
TopIPFS Mining Machine
TOP Token
TOP Staking
The World's First
Full-state sharding blockchain
supports vertical expansion
of layer-2
Low Entry
Users can participate Staking with
a few TOP tokenand without high
technical requirements
No Risks, High Returns
TOP token will always be in
your wallet Mining ROI is about 491.52%
TopIPFS Mining Machine
No.1 Mining Efficiency
Dozens of algorithm experts
persistently optimize the mining efficiency
IDC-5 Room in Silicon Valley
SLA of 99.99% uptime
The annual failure rate does not exceed 5.26 minutes
Low Cost, High Reward
Scientifically assembled into super mining machines
HiWallet DeFi Mining
Decentralized Mining
Using smart contract to aggregate on-chain DeFi mining
Eliminate tech misconduct
Selected Policies
Popular DeFi projects are selected
for providing investment options
to different users
User Incentives
Extra returns by inviting friends
to DeFi mining