Frequently Asked Questions
  • I. Project Overview
  • II. Technical Details
  • III. Tokens How to Earn Them
  • IV. For Developers
I. Project Overview
Q1: What is TOP?

TOP Network is a decentralized open communication network that provides cloud communication services on the blockchain. TOP offers secure, low-cost services such as messaging, calling, video, VPN, CDN, IoT data sharing and more.

TOP Network is also a high-performance public blockchain platform designed to handle real-world business of any size or volume. Powered by innovations including three-layer network, two-layer sharding, two-layer lattice DAG and PBFT-DPoS*, TOP can process several hundred thousand transactions per second on the blockchain.

The long-term mission of TOP Network is to build a public blockchain infrastructure for all Dapps. Our world-class team of over 100 developers is striving for this goal.

TOP Network originated from the common underlying network layer of Dingtone, CoverMe and SkyVPN, three communication apps built by the TOP team before the blockchain project. These apps, having attracted over 60 million users in total, will be ported to TOP Network upon the launch of TOP and generate huge volumes of transactions in the TOP ecosystem.

Q2: Why did the team want to build a public blockchain platform?

We didn't intend to build a public blockchain platform, but we soon realized we had to.

When we started the project last year, we had 40 million users to move onto TOP Network, which means TOP Network needs to process over one hundred thousand transactions per second when it starts to operate. We tried to find an existing public blockchain platform to serve as a ledger for TOP Network, but it turned out that no blockchain platform could reach such a high TPS. In the end, we had no choice but decided to build our own ledger – a general-purpose public blockchain platform that can handle real-world business of any size or volume.

Q3: What is the current status of TOP?

TOP was founded in late 2017. We've made significant progress since we came out of stealth mode in August 2018. We've not only advanced in technical development, but also investment, community operations and marketing. We recently released our whitepaper, Testnet and various bounty activities. Stay tuned for more updates from TOP!

Q4: Is the whitepaper for the project available?

The whitepaper for TOP Network is available! Click “Whitepaper” on our website to get access to our whitepaper.

Q5: Who have invested in your project so far?

We have closed $8 million in early investment from prestigious institutional investors, including Fenbushi Capital, Danhua Capital (DHVC), NEO Global Capital, LD Capital and more.

Q6: How can I invest in TOP Network?

If you're an institutional investor, you can participate in our private sale now. Email to for more details. For individual investors, please participate in our public token sale in a few weeks. KYC (Know Your Customer) will be required.

Q7: Where can I get information about the team?

You can find more information about Steve, CEO and co-founder of TOP Network, on his LinkedIn page. You can find more information about our team members on ourcompany LinkedIn page.

II. Technical Details
Q8. Does TOP Network have a MVP?

More than a MVP! We have already released our Testnet and achieved 2,000 TPS in a single shard. You can check out the performance of our private Testnet onour official website. Also, our demo DApp—BitVPN is under development and will be ready for its release soon. Our existing VPN app, SkyVPN, has gained over 10 million users in less than 10 months since its launch. SkyVPN will be ported onto TOP Network and will bring a huge volume of business to the TOP ecosystem.

Q9. So is TOP Network about building a VPN?

BitVPN is only a demo app that is being built on TOP network. TOP Network is much more than a VPN app. We are building a public communication network infrastructure that can provide any kind of communication services, such as messaging, calling, CDN, streaming, storage, IoT data sharing and more. VPN is only one of the communication services that TOP provides.

Q10. How will you move your 60 million users to TOP?

Several years ago, we designed a distributed network layer before we developed our communication apps - Dingtone, CoverMe and SkyVPN. These apps share the same underlying network layer, which will be replaced by TOP Network. That means Dingtone, CoverMe and SkyVPN will be transparently moved to TOP Network. In fact, the users won't even notice the migration process. Over 60 million users will be immediately available on TOP Network once it's launched.

III. Tokens & How to Earn Them
Q11. Is there going to be a token mining? And how do we become miners?

TOP tokens will be available for mining after TOP Network is launched. For example, SkyVPN users would possibly become miners of TOP tokens after the launch of TOP Network later this year. Any user can contribute his device and bandwidth to TOP Network and receive tokens based on the contribution they make.

Q12. How can I convert TOP tokens to cash after I get tokens from mining?

Once TOP tokens are listed on a cryptocurrency exchange, you can sell the tokens for cash.

Q13. Will you offer a bounty or proof-of-care program?

Yes, we have kicked off an array of TOP Network bounty programs! You can find them on our bounty bot:

Q14. Will there be a crowdsale?

Yes, and we will announce the date of the crowdsale soon. Please stay tuned.

IV. For Developers
Q15. I'm trying to develop a messaging app on my own. How can I make use of your project?

TOP Network provides cloud communication services such as messaging, calling, video, VPN, CDN, IoT data sharing and more. Any app can tap into this network through the API and SDK we provide. If you are building a messaging app, TOP is the perfect choice for you. With TOP, you no longer need to build your own communication stack, deploy servers, and maintain the network. With a few lines of code, you will have a powerful messaging app.