Redeem the Metal Coin to TOP Tokens
Congratulations! If you have obtained a TOP Network metal coin from one of our offline activities, please follow these instructions and you can redeem the coin.
  • Step 1. Find the Code
  • Step 2. Connect to Bot
  • Step 3. Redeem Code on Bot
Step 1. Find the Code
Find the six-digit redeem code on the cover paper along with the metal coin.
Step 2. Connect to Bot
Connect to TOP Network bounty bot on Telegram. (Make sure you have Telegram installed first)
Step 3. Redeem Code on Bot
After connecting to TOP Network bounty bot, click "Redeem a Metal Coin to Tokens!", follow the instructions and redeem your coin to TOP tokens!
>> How can I get a metal coin?

TOP Network metal coins are being distributed by our team touring all over the world! You can redeem the metal coin to TOP Tokens! Pay close attention to our tour schedule and you might be the next one to get a TOP Network metal coin!

Our latest tour event schedules and notifications can be found in our official Telegram group:

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